Friday, 20 October 2017

Mr Jacobson and his Wind Instruments

Another cool event that happened this morning was Mr Jacobson and his Wind Instruments. He started by showing us the Conch shell, they used them in the islands to call from one side to another. Next he showed us a Shofar which is a cantaloupe horn. This was used in deserts as they were far from the ocean so they had no chance to find conch shells. Bringing us to a more modern side he blew the Bugle, this was more used in the army and people use them to play a song on Anzac day in remembrance of our soldiers. As bugles can only play 5 notes a trumpet was made to be able to play the three extra notes needed. I think its amazing how one of our teachers can play so much wind instruments ( its really hard). Image result for trumpetImage result for shofarImage result for conchImage result for bugle

Farewell Ms Vani!

Another huge event we had this morning at assembly was a farewell to our social worker Ms Vani. Ms Vani has been with us for years and I have even worked with her. She was first called up to the front and showered with gifts from students all over the school. The whole school then sang a Waiata acknowledging Ms Vani and her work here. Just after everyone sat a few people from kapa haka felt it was right to perform a haka for her, including me, Judah, Tj, Lishana, Lanzie and William. We Will Miss You Ms Vani!!

Niuean Language Week!!

I would just like to thank the Niuean group for pulling off an amazing performance in only a week!
This huge group of children from all ages around the school managed to pull together a full performance and a variety of speeches in their very own language. They started with a beautiful dance from the princesses to the song 'Sipolo'. Our very own warriors then finished the performance with a big Kalo a.k.a. Haka. They all did an amazing job this morning. Congratulations to you all!

Wednesday, 18 October 2017


Walt: Solve additions problems by changing one decimal number into a whole number.

In this task i learnt from Ms Tapuke how to simplify my numbers to get the answer. We needed to move the numbers around a little bit in order to figure out the answer.

How to make the best cheese and onion grilled sandwich

First you will need to gather your ingredients. It depends on what combination you're going for like, ham and cheese, onion and cheese, cheese and tomato or even just plain cheese.
In this I’ll be telling you how to make a perfect cheese and onion toastie.

Your ingredients consist of a quarter of a white onion marg or butter (whichever you prefer) and cheddar cheese along with two slices of plain white bread. You are free to use whatever types of butter bread and cheese.Now to assemble you toasted sandwich.

Before you do anything turn on your grilled cheese maker. Firstly spread your butter/marg on one side of your bread slices. Chop your onion into small sized pieces and spread on one slice of bread ( opposite side from the butter). Then generously spread your grated cheese on top of your onions and add a pinch of salt.

Now you want to gently place your sandwich into the sandwich maker and wait for the bread to become golden brown. Once your toastie is ready cut in half while it’s still hot then let the cheese ooz out. There you have it! The best cheese and onion grilled sandwich.
Image result for grilled cheese sandwich

Monday, 16 October 2017

Musical Madness!!!

Term 4! Have you ever gotten the feeling of butterflies on the first day of the term, but last first day of your life? Well if you have then you must know how i felt, sad, excited, emotional, ecstatic and even maybe a bit petrified. This morning we had the last Immersion assembly of the year and for all the year 8 students. Our focus for the term is ‘Musical Madness’ so without further ado this is how it all went down!!

To start off the assembly Mr Burt and his Senior management team (SMT for short) formed a band and even wrote a new song called ‘Musical Madness Saves The Day.’ It rhymed, had good rhythm and the band itself was marvelous. All five teams had pretty much the same idea but in delivery I think the most informative groups were Teams one and five.

I definitely found that team 3 had the most entertaining way to showcase their idea. Their way of explaining the idea was ‘Storytelling using music’ so they decided to make a songs in real life video. They brought our school many laughs (I also heard some people singing along).

I definitely want to learn more about team fives focus which was ‘How do composers use music to evoke an emotional response in an audience’ in short words ‘What impact does music have on our emotions’. I am interested in learning what some of the words actually mean like evoke or composers. I think that this was a really good last immersion assembly at Pt England School.

Monday, 25 September 2017