Thursday, 12 April 2018

Yr 9 Stars camp 2018 !

My highlights of camp were pretty much everything. I had fun with all of the activities maybe except for one which was the raft building because it wasn't as easy to do. One of my favourite highlights was the confidence course because it was fun rolling around in the mud and getting through the obstacles.

My lowlights were getting sick at camp and the raft building activity. I wasn't a big fan of the raft building because one of our star mentors didn't help us through it properly. Our group also didn't really work together on it.

I think to improve the camp for the next yr 9's would be to make it a little bit longer because it's a very fun camp and I wanted to stay longer as did other yr 9 students.

Friday, 6 April 2018

Reflection on sos

Image result for poi

The tradition I chose was the 'Poi' I chose to research this because I've never known much about them and why they originally used. I found out that it was used by the men for strength and coordination needed for their wars. And by the women for flexibility in their wrists. This has managed to sustain in our society today used in kapa haka performances. When I presented I felt like i did a good job. I think it would've been better if I had props to show the class instead of using my hands.

Thursday, 5 April 2018

Hot cakes

Today we made Hot cakes.
Instructions on how to make them:
1. Put pan on stove to heat up
2. 1 1/2 c of S.R.F ( Self Rising FLour )
3. 1/2 c of sugar
4. 1 c of milk
5. 1 Egg
6. Mix all ingredients in a bowl
7. add oil into your pan and cook 2 hot cakes at a time.
You should finish with 6 hot cakes.

Friday, 23 March 2018

Fractions and Percentages

Finding a fraction of a number:

To find a fraction of a number we divide the number by the number by the bottom of a fraction and multiply it by the number at the top.

eg. 3/8 of 32
1/8 or 32 is 4 so 3/8 of 32 = 4 x 3 = 12


Percentages as a fraction are always out of 100.

eg. 35% means 35/100

when we convert percentages to decimals we divide by 100
when we convert decimals to percentages we multiply by 100

eg. 35% = 0.35
      0.15 = 15%

Finding a percentage of a number:

If we want to find a percentage of a number, we must convert it either to a fraction or decimal


eg. 10% of 70 = 10/100 x 70 or 0.1 x 70 = 7
      30% of 50 = 30/100 x 50 or 0.3 x 50 = 15

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Made in Taiwan II Oscar and Nathans Journey.

The main purpose of Oscar and Nathans journey was to find out where they migrated from and how they got to where they are now. They first went to Mahia, to find out more about Nathan and his pre-history. They next went to the Cook Islands as Nathans report said his ancestors may have migrated from there. Moving onto Oscar’s discovery they first went to Samoa where he had lived until he was 3 and later went back to visit after 18 years. After that trip they moved to the next country: Vanuatu, where they found some strong evidence that Polynesians were once there. The last trip was to Taiwan where they noticed how similar they’re language, names and traditional ways were to the Maori Culture.

Some of the discoveries I found interesting in the countries they visited were: The languages and how they were very similar, common foods of one country, pottery they made and they had very similar traditions especially between the Taiwanese and Maori for example, in Taiwan when you are greeting someone you press noses, also used in Maori culture it's called a hongi.

Some evidence supporting the theory suggesting Polynesians migrated from Asia is how some common foods in Polynesia are actually from Asia for example, bananas, taro and yams. Another piece or evidence is that the languages are similar. Simple words like the numbers from 1-10, days or the week and other basic words.

I think that the trip was successful because they found out how similar all of the cultures are in so many different ways. Like traditions, foods, myths and legend and also their pottery/art had the same patterns used in other cultures. Image result for world

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Pasta Salad

1. 2 cups of water into a pot and boil.
 Add pasta and cook until soft.
 Strain under cold water in a colander.

2. Dice half an onion and fry until cooked,
   Add diced ham to the onion. Let cool.

3. Combine everything in a bowl and mix
   it wit mayo, add salt and then serve.

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Sponge rolls

Last week we made sponge rolls.
We made a simple sponge cake. We then rolled it in a tea towel. After sitting there we unrolled it to cool. After it was cool we got ready whipped cream and prayed it inside then rolled it. Lastly we topped it with more whipped cream and some chocolate syrup.

Sponge Recipe

One Cup of flour
One cup of sugar
4 eggs